Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kindergarten Time!

 Hard to believe our baby is old enough to start school, but here we are!

 She was super excited and just a little bit nervous when the big day finally arrived!

 Megan took this picture of Rexy Boy 

Dad came home early to walk her home from school.

I greeted her with a giant cookie when she got home. It was a great day!

Jackson Hole, WY

Our final summer fling was a road trip to Jackson Hole to visit Stacy's sister and her family. We stopped in Idaho Falls for the world's best chocolate milk at Reed's Dairy on the way up and loved it so much, we stopped for more on the way home. We hiked, shopped, rode the stagecoach around town square, stopped at the candy shop twice, ate lots of good food, and had tons of fun!
Click here for a slideshow of pics from the trip. 
You can click the speaker in the top left corner if you want to enjoy it to music. :)

Swim Lessons

 Megan finally got comfortable going under the water this summer.

Swim buddies

Family Campout

We have started a tradition of getting together for a few days each summer with Stacy's parents, her eight siblings and their families. 
This year we camped out in Liberty, Utah. 
 Water balloon games
 This girl loves having her face painted!
 Good catch!

 Megan did a beautiful ballet dance all by herself for the family talent show.
 Uncle Jesse was nice enough to accompany her dance on his guitar. 

 Aunt Gina taught the kids yoga.
 She even played the harmonica with no hands while they all danced along.

Fourth of July

We got the Farm Camp kids together again to ride on a float in the 4th of July parade our town has every year. They had a blast and threw out an unbelievable amount of taffy! 

We love our community!

Movie Nights!

This summer Megan's grandma threw an awesome Harry Potter night for the cousins. She decorated the dining room and made up a special spooky menu including worms in basilisk blood (spaghetti) and magical color-changing Sprite. I attempted making Butterbeer from a recipe I'd found online, but I read the directions wrong and it turned out terrible!
 The kids put wings on their own (chocolate) golden snitches, and made a sorting hat. We each took a quiz to see which house we fit in and then were sorted by the hat. Then the older kids stayed and had a Harry Potter movie marathon all night while the younger ones (including Megan) went home to bed.

 Since weren't going to stay for the Harry Potter movies, Megan and one of her cousins planned a Barbie movie night the weekend before. We had a few friends over and ate ice cream with strawberry sauce, played some games, and played with Barbies while watching Barbie and the Pink Shoes.

More Summer Fun!

 Greg started selling some of his beef cows to an awesome local restaurant. Yum!

 She's beautiful no matter how much sleep she gets, but much happier when she gets enough!

Megan worked hard to earn enough stickers on her chart to pick a new bike, so meet Misty!

 She does such a good job of making her bed every day. This day she told me her bed needed sunglasses because it was going to the beach.

 She likes to take selfies when she gets bored. :)

 We spent the 20 minute drive home from Walmart deciding which Lalaloopsy from Megan's new undies we were going to "be" that day. Then she stuck them on her fingers for some "fat finger fun." :)

Personal pizzas! 
We love to have cousins from out of town come stay for a few days in the summer.

One night Megan and I surprised dad with a fancy candlelight dinner just for fun.